Q: Can IMPULSE Wireless PTT be deployed on my own phone?

A: Yes, for Android and iOS devices. We still recommend a PTT accessory such as a Bluetooth remote speaker microphone for ease of use. The main consideration, though, is how “radio” or PTT calls will interact with phone calls.

Other considerations include the performance of the device, what else it is doing, how loud the speaker is, what accessories you are using, and whether you need to communicate while driving a vehicle.

If you are a user who needs both phone and push-to-talk calls as your critical communications link, we recommend using a separate device for PTT. This is because if you are on one type of call you don't want to miss the other. The PTT device, however, may also do messaging, emails, indoor tracking, GPS tracking, job dispatch, and more.

If you do use IMPULSE Wireless push-to-talk on your Android smartphone, can set which type of call is prioritised, and this setting can be made separately for each individual user. You also have the option to set this yourself on the screen (but we can hide the option for users to set it themselves if the administrator chooses).

The following four priority options are available on Android devices (prior to Android 9).

Neither: PTT calls will be heard if you are on a phone call. To respond, the phone call must be ended. If in a PTT call, incoming phone calls will ring and can be answered.

Phone priority: If you are on the phone, incoming PTT calls will be ignored. If on a PTT call, the phone call will ring and you can answer it. If you are on the phone, a private caller will be notified "contact is on a circuit switched call."

PTT priority: If on a PTT call, incoming phone calls will be rejected/go to voicemail, with no indication to you. If on a phone call, an incoming PTT call will abruptly end the phone call and the PTT call will come through

Active/current priority: If in a phone call, incoming PTT calls will be ignored. If in a PTT call, incoming phone calls will be rejected/go to voicemail.

In Android 9.0, most devices no longer allow applications to control a telephone call, i.e. end the phone call from the app. In Android 10.0, this is applied to all devices. This function is required for priority "PTT" and "Active/Current".

Therefore if you are running IMPULSE Wireless on Android 10 or certain Android 9 devices, only the "Phone" and "None" options are available.