ISL Recycling Australia came to us in 2016 to improve team communications in their factories. They had tried different radios and other ideas, then another customer of ours, A2B Towing, told them about our free trial.

Traditional two-way communications indoors can be challenging for a number of reasons:

- Noisy factories

- Communications from the factory to the mobile workers or fleet on the road

- Multiple centres of operation, all needing to communicate with a central control room or manager

- Multifloor buildings requiring a distributed antenna system or leaky feeder

- Offshore operations

Push-to-talk often solves all the challenges listed above. Push-to-talk over cellular gives instant coverage, around the world, in buildings, anywhere you have a mobile signal or wireless internet.

The devices which ISL Recycling chose are loud, rugged, easy to use, cost effective and address the needs of the users. These included the ultra-rugged Sonim XP7, as well as other devices and Bluetooth remote speaker microphones.

If performance, coverage, functionality or cost are factors in choosing your radio system, be sure to give push-to-talk a try.

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