PTT over LTE communication provides cost-effective communications superior to digital radio, as well as the ability to use a single device for two-way communications, indoor tracking, job dispatch, facilities management, emails, messaging, phone calls, and much more.

We test the reliability of our PTT services regularly in everyday scenarios, and most years we make sure one of our team does some proper testing at a major shopping centre on Boxing Day.

We do this because the time reliable communication is most important, is on the busiest day of the year.

For Boxing Day 2017, we performed testing inside Westfield Chatswood at lunch time - the busiest time of the day for the mobile network - where people stop shopping frantically, to eat - and of course message, catch up on Facebook, and check online for their next bargain!

Over the course of an hour, communications were flawless. We were using the Telstra 4G/4GX network inside Westfield Chatswood. A couple of ping test results to Google's servers are below for a simple technical example, suffice to say there was ample bandwidth and reliability.

This is in line with all of our testing over the years, customer feedback, and further testing in Sydney CBD on Boxing Day 2019 - again demonstrating that IMPULSE Wireless PTT communications using the Telstra network is very reliable. Note we did get a few issues in 2019 in some areas, for more info, see

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