IMPULSE Wireless recently conducted a customer survey to get feedback on customer satisfaction, performance, and ensure our high standards were being maintaned. Scott Wiseman, General Manager at Hunter Resources, has kindly given permission for us to publish the survey he completed.

Hunter Readymix Concrete (part of Hunter Resources) has been using an IMPULSE Wireless PTT solution since January 2017.

Why did you choose a PTT solution for your two-way communications?

SW: PTT was chosen as a cost effective communication technology that offered additional benefits to voice such as navigation and messaging.

Were there competing solutions, and if so, why did you choose IMPULSE Wireless?

SW: IMPULSE took to time to understand our business requirements and then to tailor a solution that met our current requirements and offered the flexibility to build in more functionality into the future.

How would you rate the pre and post sales support you receive from IMPULSE Wireless?

SW: The team at IMPULSE delivered our comms solution on time and to budget. Most issues can be sorted with a phone call. I’d recommend follow-up operator training post implementation to get the best from the technology.

How difficult or easy was the whole process?

SW: Once the project was scoped the implementation was relatively easy. Managing the change process with the operators was the most challenging aspect.

Were the IMPULSE Wireless staff experienced enough to provide options and recommend the best solution for your needs?

SW: Absolutely. They are across the technology and were very practical in their approach to application within the business.

Do you feel that you have received the best solution for your needs?

SW: The comms package implemented meets our current needs, with room for growth in the future.

Are the IMPULSE Wireless staff experienced enough to provide the support you need, and are you receiving the level of support you expect?

SW: It’s been a pleasure dealing locally with a team that cares about our needs and responds positively when you call.

Overall, how happy/unhappy are you with the IMPULSE Wireless solution?

SW: We’re satisfied.

Overall, how happy/unhappy are you with IMPULSE Wireless as a supplier?

SW: The solution meets our needs.

How likely are you to recommend IMPULSE Wireless to your industry colleagues and friends?

SW: I’d be happy to recommend the IMPULSE team if you’re considering an alternative to two-way radio comms.