Some IMPULSE Wireless users may have the ability to set Do Not Disturb (DnD). On a per-user basis, we can give you the ability to set this on your own device, or take the ability away.

DnD may also be linked to your phone's Silent or Vibrate function. We may have linked it and/or even given you the settings option to link or unlink it.

If you have DnD mode enabled, you will not receive any incoming PTT calls. Users who try to private call you will see a message, "User does not wish to be disturbed," and your status icon in other users' contact lists will be a red "no entry" sign (yellow in the case of auto-DnD for silent/vibrate). When a group call is made, you simply won't receive the group call, even though other users will.

To enable or disable universal DnD, follow the steps below.

  • Open IMPULSE Wireless
  • Press the 3-dot settings menu at the top right of the screen
  • If you can see the text “enable DnD” it is currently NOT enabled. You can tap this to enable DnD
  • If you see “Disable DnD”, you are in permanent DnD mode. If so, tap it to disable DnD.

You can still initiate calls by pressing PTT when in DnD mode, and communicate back and forth within the hang time of that call. When the call ends (manually, or by the hang time expiring after communications have finished), you won't receive any new incoming calls.

Note that if you have the ability to block talkgroups you also have the ability to enable universal DnD (and vice versa).