The Stone Mountain BluSkye Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) works with a PC/computer/laptop running the Zello PC client (free Zello or paid ZelloWork dispatch console). You need to download the right version of the ZelloWork PC client/Zello Dispatch Console depending on whether you have a paid business-grade ZelloWork network, or the free Zello service.

To set up a BluSkye with ZelloWork or the Zello Android app on your Android phone, see this link.

Download the The Zello PC client/Zello Dispatch Console for your paid Zello network through your ZelloWork admin web portal and install it to your computer.

Download the free version Zello PC client/Zello Dispatch Console for free zello services by searching for "Zello for PC"

(1) You will need to operate your Stone Mountain BluSkye in mode 7. This is the mode to support Windows PC operation. Call us on 02 8705 3778, contact us via this link or email if your BluSkye is not already running in Mode 7.

(2) Pair your BluSkye Bluetooth RSM to your computer. The required steps are below:

    (2a) Put the BluSkye Bluetooth RSM into pairing mode by pressing the power button until you hear a high-pitched tone             and the LED flashes red/blue

    (2b) On your computer, go to Bluetooth Settings. For Windows 10, do this by clicking on the Start menu, typing                         "Bluetooth Settings" and hitting Enter.

    (2c) Click "Add Bluetooth or other device, then on the next window, click "Bluetooth"

    (2d) A list of discovered devices should come up.. Select "Stone Mountain BluSkye PTT" and your computer will begin connecting with your RSM. If the PC asks for you to verify a numeric pairing code, click Connect (there is no verification on the RSM, just on the PC).

(3) Configure ZelloWork (or Zello) to use the BluSkye RSM for audio. In the ZelloWork or Zello application, navigate to Tools>Options and go to the control tab by clicking on the keyboard icon.

In line with "Push-to-talk", click the "Set" button then press the BluSkye PTT button. The PTT key assignment will be populated with "Ctrl+P". If you have not yet paired your BluSkye with your PC, press the Ctrl and P keys on your keyboard together instead.

Go to the audio settings tab by clicking on the speaker.

Use the drop-down menu next to Playback Device and Recording Device to set both devices to "Headset (Stone Mountain BluSkye PTT)"

Click on OK to accept the settings and go back to the main screen.

You are now ready to use ZelloWork or Zello dispatch for PC with your Stone Mountain BluSkye Bluetooth RSM! Here are some brief points for successful use:

- ZelloWork (or Zello) does not need to be in the foreground (the selected application) for it to receive the PTT, however you must have selected a Zello channel to talk on.

- Zello should remember these settings, even if the mic is disconnected and reconnected again.

- After pressing PTT, wait for the chirp before talking