IMPULSE Wireless supports user priority for users and groups, as well as transmit interrupt/talker override/preemption.

User Priority

Individual users may be assigned with priority levels. A higher priority user may pull a lower priority user out of an existing PTT call. For information on using or setting user priority, contact us on 02 8705 3778 or

Within a 1:1 or ad hoc call: If a member of an ongoing call gets pulled into higher priority call, the other contact(s) in the call will be notified that they have been removed due to a higher priority call.

Group Priority

Groups may also be assigned priority levels.  Initiating a high priority group PTT call will pull group members from any existing lower priority call. Within an ongoing call, users with higher priority will be able to take over the call. Users of the same priority trying to take over a call will be treated on a first come, first served basis. For information on setting group or user priority, contact us on 02 8705 3778 or

Within a group call:  Members of the group will see a message that a member of the call has been pulled into a higher priority call.

Talker Override/Transmit Interrupt/Preemption

Talker override is separate from priority but it's useful to be aware how they will each function in a group call. Talker override will allow an authorised user to interrupt other lower priority (or non-talker-override) users and speak over the top. This is an important safety feature and can be crucial in a dispatch situation where important messages need to get through even if things are busy and many users are talking. For information on setting priority, preemption, or transmit interrupt; or for a free trial or demonstration, contact us on 02 8705 3778 or