I was using my radio/VM2/IMPULSE Wireless device and somehow it's switched into Airplane Mode. It is no longer connecting.

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane Mode, commonly also known as 'Flight Mode', is a setting which disables transmission of radio-frequency signals from your device. In practical terms, this disables use of Wi-Fi, cellular data connections (such as 4G) and Bluetooth. As a result, you may have noticed that your device is unable to be used as a radio while Airplane Mode is in effect.

How do I exit Airplane Mode if it has been accidentally activated?

This problem is easily solved. Some devices are programmed to automatically leave Airplane Mode after a short amount of time. For devices which don't, simply hold your device's power button, and it should bring up a menu from which you can disable Airplane Mode. After that, just wait for your device to come online again. 

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