When using the IMPULSE Wireless app and accessories, the IMPULSE Wireless Android app is more straightforward than the IMPULSE WIreless iOS app. However, IMPULSE Wireless supports Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphones (RSMs) in both our Android and iOS applications.

Below are the steps for pairing your Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) or Bluetooth PTT button with your iOS device and setting it up to work correctly with the IMPULSE Wireless iOS app.

  1. Open the IMPULSE Wireless app to pair the device in the app settings.
  2. Put the Bluetooth RSM into pairing mode
  3. Go to the settings on the iOS device and enable Bluetooth.
  4. Pair the device.
  5. Now, go to the IMPULSE Wireless app.
  6. Go to the Client Settings Menu under the “More” tab, and select “PTT Button.”
  7. In the drop-down menu, select Bluetooth LE.
  8. You may need to press the PTT button while the device is attempting to pair to encourage a connection.
  9. When the connection is successful, a picture and name of the device displays on the line.

Press “Done” to exit out of the Client Settings Menu, and your device is now ready for use.