Register the IMPULSE Wireless Application

Auto populate (the IMEI button) works on devices up to Android 9 or 10 depending on manufacturer (eg. Samsung Galaxy Note 8).

1. Open the IMPULSE Wireless app

2. Tap on "IMEI" (on older app versions this says "ESN"). Your activation code will be automatically entered.

3. Tap on ACTIVATE



If the IMEI button is not visible (Android 11+, eg. Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro), copy the device IMEI from the device settings "about" section, or enter the IMEI manually.

Set the Default Callee, so you can transmit at any time with the screen off



1. In the IMPULSE Wireless screen, press and hold on the desired group or user you wish to set as your default callee.

2. You will get a dropdown menu. Select “Set Default Callee”.

Once a default callee has been set (or if it has already been set remotely), you won't see the option "set default callee" in the dropdown menu. You can check your default callee by tapping the settings (three-dot menu in the top right) and selecting "default callee".

If you require assistance, need your IMEI, or have any other questions, please contact IMPULSE Wireless support on

(02) 8705 3778 or